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Bylaws & Policies

Municipalities are given the authority to enact bylaws under the Province of Alberta through the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Bylaws are put into place to meet the needs of residents, determine provisions and resolve issues that include public safety and standards, business activities, financial provisions, and municipal services.

Municipal Bylaws are drafted by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) or another member of administration delegated to that function. Drafts of the bylaw are put forward to Town Council who review each reading, then pass and adopt the laws. Section 187 of the MGA states that every proposed bylaw must have three distinct and separate readings [by Town Council]. 

Bylaws are enforced by Community Peace Officers on a complaint and observance basis and are enforceable even if not published on the website.

This page provides the most prevalent and frequently used bylaws. For a complete list, please contact

The Town of Blackfalds strives to keep Bylaws on our website accurate and current and in compliance with the Municipal Government Act of Alberta. The Town of Blackfalds does not guarantee the accuracy of digital information and this listing may not include the latest updates and/or amendment(s). Electronic versions are placed here for reference and for convenience. For further information, or to request copies of Bylaws, please contact Legislative Services at the Town Office.

Bylaw #NameDescription
1249/20Records and Information ManagementEstablish regulations for the systematic management, retention and disposition of records and information for the Town of Blackfalds
1158/13Taxi Business Outlines the regulations for the licensing and control of taxis within the Town of Blackfalds
1232/19Traffic Respecting the safety, health and welfare and the protection of people and property
Bylaw #Bylaw NameDescription
1181/14Animal Control
  • Animal Control Bylaw Amendments
Details requirements for licensing, control and related fees for animals.
Enables “Livestock”, which includes chickens, within the Town’s municipal limits and clarifies the definition of “Kennel” to increase the number of dogs to 3 dogs (up from 2 dogs).
1180/14Cemetery Outlines the terms for regulation and control of the cemetery
1220/18Community Standards Describes the regulations relating to many civic issues including noise issues, unsightly premises, public disturbances, and curfew for youth. 
1187/15Fire Protection Provides the establishment and operation of fire protection services.
1252/20Municipal Emergency Directs the processes and procedures of the Municipal Emergency Management Agency to prepare for and respond to regional and municipal emergencies.
1219/17Security Alarm System Regulates security alarm systems in order to reduce false alarms that require RCMP or Fire Dept. response.  
1228/18Smoking and Vaping To regulate smoking and vaping of cannabis and tobacco products in public places
1286/23Urban Hen BylawDetails requirements for licensing, control and related fees for Urban Hens

Bylaw #NameDescription
1170/14CAO's Bylaw  
To establish and define the duties and powers of the Chief Administrative Officer and Provide for the Appointment of the Chief Administrative Officer as a designated officer.
Council Procedural BylawTo regulate the proceedings and conduct of Council and Council Committee Meetings
1278/23Council Code of Conduct BylawTo ensure the conduct of Council members is consistent with the principles of transparent and accountable government.
 EDTAC Terms of ReferenceEconomic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee (Jan. 1, 2017)
1288/23CAO Appointment Bylaw
Appointment of Chief Administrative Officer effective August 1, 2023.
Municipal Election BylawOutlines the process and procedures and provides the authority to hold municipal and school trustee elections within the Town of Blackfalds.
1227/18Parental Leave for Elected OfficialsTo establish whether elected officials are entitled to take leave prior to or after the birth or adoption of their child.
1285/23Public Notification Bylaw
Ensures that notice is provided to residents in advance about bylaws, resolutions, meetings, and public hearings.  This Bylaw brings the Town of Blackfalds into compliance with the Municipal Government Act and outlines a variety of effective methods for use in communication with residents.

Bylaw #NameDescription
2019 Borrowing Bylaw
To authorize  Council to incur indebtedness by the issuance of debenture(s) or bank loan for the purpose of purchasing capital land and buildings.
2022 Property Tax Bylaw
Authorizes property tax rates for the 2022 budget year and includes authorization to assess additional tax on properties which have undergone improvements in 2022.
2023 Property Tax Bylaw
Authorizes property tax rates for the 2023 budget year and includes authorization to assess additional tax on properties which have undergone improvements in 2023.
Authorized Overdraft Bylaw
Authorizes temporary bank borrowing from the Servus Credit Union in the Town of Blackfalds.
Multi-Plex Expansion Borrowing Bylaw
Authorizes Council to incur indebtedness by the issuance of debenture(s) or bank loan for the purpose of constructing the Multi-Plex which includes an additional ice surface and public library.
Rate Bylaw Establishes fees for services provided.
Rate Bylaw Schedule C - Community Services Facilities Fee ScheduleContains updates to the rates for facility rentals pertaining to Bylaw 1053/07

Bylaw #NameDescription
1185/15Aspen Lakes Area Structure Plan BylawProvides a plan for subdivision and development of Aspen Lakes.
1165/13Aurora Heights Area Structure Plan BylawDetails plans for subdivision and development of the Aurora Heights area in the Town of Blackfalds.
1209/17Business License BylawControls and regulates the regulations for business licensing within the Town of Blackfalds, including business types and related fees.
1141/12Dangerous Goods Transportation BylawRegulates the transportation and handling of dangerous goods within the Town of Blackfalds.
1269/22Development Fees and Fines BylawOutlines all the fees and fines regarding development.
1280/23Election Sign BylawEncourage the effective use of Election Signs as a means of communication in a manner that ensures safety and aesthetics and that will be equitably applied and enforced.
1174/14Lakeside Area Structure Plan BylawOutlines the plans for subdivision and development of the Lakeside area in the Town of Blackfalds.
1268/22Land Use Bylaw
  • Land Use Bylaw Housekeeping Amendment 
Outlines how districts in the municipality are divided, regulates the land use of each district, and guides decisions on development permits.

1182/14Naming and Addressing BylawRegulates the naming of roadways and development areas within the Town of Blackfalds. 
1243/20McKay Ridge Area Structure Plan AmendmentBeing a bylaw of the Town of Blackfalds in the Province of Alberta to amend Land Use Bylaw 1198/16.
1190/15Offsite Levies BylawAuthorizes the collection of offsite Levies for the Town of Blackfalds.
1276/23Redesignation of Lot 3, Block 1,
Plan 102 2233 Bylaw
Redistrict a portion of Lot 3, Block 1, Plan 102 2233 (2.53 HA) from Commercial Highway District (C-2) to Public Facility District (PF) designation.
1274.22Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal BoardFor the purpose of exercising the functions of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) in accordance with the Act and for the provision of Regional Intermunicipal SDAB services by Parkland Community Planning Services.

Subdivision Authority Bylaw
For the purpose of rescinding Bylaw 867/00 and to establish the subdivision authority in the Town of Blackfalds.
Bylaw #NameDescription
1250/20 Utility Bylaw To Regulate the supply and use of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities in the Town of Blackfalds 
1277/23Schedule "B" 2023 Rates
Utility Bylaw Amendment to Schedule “B”
1167/13Solid Waste ManagementTo regulate the handling, collection and disposal of solid waste in the Town of Blackfalds.
1267/22Schedule "A" 2023 Rates
Solid Waste Management Bylaw Amendment to Schedule “A”
1156/13Electric Distribution System Franchise AgreementA Bylaw of the Town of Blackfalds in the Province of Alberta for the electric distribution system franchise agreement.
1248/20Electric Distribution System Franchise Agreement AmendmentAmendment to Bylaw 1156/13, to prohibit other persons from providing electric distribution service within the legal boundaries of the municipality.