Outdoor Aquatic Centre

Come make a splash at the McKay Ranch Outdoor Aquatic Centre!

Thank you to everyone for coming out this summer! We are closed for the season. We will see you May 2024.

Our one-of-a-kind outdoor aquatic centre features a spray park with tot slides, giant tipping buckets and lots of spray features. 

Bring your friends and enjoy the leisure pool with a zero-depth entrance with beach features, a little tots' area, and two three-story water slides. The Jr. Olympic pool which is a 4-lanes 25 meters long pool features a 1-metre diving board and a 10 ft. rock wall. Everyone is welcome to relax in the 26-person hot tub at the end of a long day or after your workout.

Only Mobile Meals & Munchies patrons will have access to the outdoor eating area, however, members and guests are welcome to bring their food from home or bring in food from other restaurants, but it must be eaten within the Abbey Centre itself (common/public areas i.e. tables or field house bleachers) or outside in the green space.

No outside food will be allowed in the Outdoor Aquatic Centre other than water/sports drinks in non-breakable containers.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to hosting you again this summer!

Swim Lesson Announcement

Swim Lessons 3 & 4
As of January 1, 2023, the Canadian Red Cross discontinued their Swimming & Water Safety (RCSP) classes as well as their lifeguard training to focus on surging humanitarian demands in a variety of areas. Pools across Canada have transitioned to swimming, lifeguarding, and aquatic leadership programs of the Lifesaving Society (LSS).

The Town of Blackfalds will now offer the Lifesaving Society swimming programs; Parent & Tot, Preschool, Swimmer, and Canadian Swim Patrol. We will still offer quality instruction with certiļ¬ed instructors, and staff will be happy to assist in navigating from the Red Cross Swim Lessons to the Lifesaving Society Swim Programs.

We look forward to continuing the development of swimming skills and water safety knowledge within our community!

See the RCSP to LSS Transfer Charts here.


The Abbey Centre Aquatics team is always looking for mature, passionate, energetic teens who want to experience the aquatic environment firsthand! We are specifically looking for individuals who have started their advanced courses in the aquatic industry. Volunteers will get firsthand experience lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons as they work with a certified staff member.

See the Aquatics Volunteer Program information sheet for more information.

So if you are ready to dive in, please complete an Application Form and return it to Aquatics@blackfalds.ca.

As per Policy 164.23, the following instances will be cause for the closure of the Aquatic Centre.

Air Quality Health Index: if the Index reaches an above 7 status via the community of Red Deer (Parkland Airshed Management Zone), the Outdoor Aquatic Centre is to be cleared and closed until the AQHI reached a marker of 7 or below.

Air Temperature: If the air temperature is 10*C or less at noon on any given day, as per Environment Canada (Red Deer Regional Airport), the Outdoor Aquatic Centre will be cleared and closed for the remainder of the day.

Contamination: Regardless of the method of contamination (fecal/vomit/blood), closure depends on the contamination location.  

Equipment Failure: Closure depends on what type of equipment has suffered a failure and which component or pool is affected.

Major Medical / Emergency Procedure: At the time of identification of a major medical occurrence, the Outdoor Aquatic Centre will be cleared and closed, allowing staff to focus on the situation at hand.

Power Outage: The Outdoor Aquatic Centre is cleared and closed during the power outage due to a lack of water circulation.

Unsettled Weather: For extreme weather such as a hailstorm, high winds, snow, or any other weather, the Outdoor Aquatic Centre is cleared and closed.

Please see Policy 164.23 for further details.

  • Outdoor Aquatics Centre is only accessible through the purchase of a wristband (visit Guest Services)
  • Children 7 and under must be supervised by a responsible person at all times
  • The supervisor must be swim-ready and be within arms reach
  • Supervisor 13 + years max. 4 children.
  • Young children, 35 months and under, or anyone who is incontinent must wear protective, water-resistant swimwear (available at Guest Services)
  • Any person with a communicable disease or infection is not permitted to enter the pools
  • Food, beverage (except water) or chewing gum is NOT permitted around the pool deck. 
  • No outside food is allowed in the Aquatic Centre. Mobile Meals & Munchies will be open to serve the aquatics patio area. Outside food can be consumed inside the Abbey Centre and on the outside green spaces.
  • Children 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult or supervisor when using or on the slide.
  • Children under 48" (4 ft) must go down the slides with an adult or supervisor.
  • If a child is 4 feet/48 inches and able to go down the slide on their own, the adult/supervisor must wait at the bottom of the slide to catch their child.
  • Unless accompanied by a supervisor/adult, only one person is permitted on the slide at a time.
  • Parents may slide down with one child at a time. 
  • In the case of two children under 4 feet, a parent is required for each child to use the slide.
  • Please look before you slide and always slide feet first.  
  • No running or launching onto the slide.
  • Please wait until the person in front of you exits the slide drop area below before going down the slide.
  • When sliding down the green slide, exit to the left
  • Exit to the right when sliding down the purple slide.
  • Toys, PFD's or water wings are not allowed on the water slides.

We want you and your family safe during thunderstorms!

Due to its random and unpredictable nature, preparedness and quick responses are the best defenses towards the lightning hazard. Swimming pools are connected to a much larger surface area via underground water pipes, gas lines, electric and telephone wiring, etc. Lightning strikes to the ground anywhere on this metallic network may induce shocks elsewhere. And where there's thunder, there is lightning!


Aquatics staff must have a 30 minute continuous all clear before operations can resume. Please keep an eye out for signage posted by Guest Services for any ongoing weather advisories.