BOLT Transit Service

Coming August 25th - Ride for FREE until September 30th!!

Transit Routes, Schedules, Fares, and more

Community Launch Celebration - August 26th

Join in the festivities between 11 am - noon on Tuesday, August 26th at the Pine Crescent Park / Pioneer Way bus stop. Help us celebrate this great community first with some cake, coffee and juice, & fun, family activities!

Bus Features

Our new NOVA buses are quite innovative, being built with lighter components and having engines that are cooled by electric fans. These features will provide fuel savings of between 12 to 18%, making the fuel consumption similar to that of a hybrid bus.

The 40-foot buses will accommodate 38 passengers and provide a relatively quiet ride, given that the vehicles exceed the industry requirements for noise level testing.

Stainless steel is the material that the buses are made of, so they will last longer than traditionally-constructed buses. Also, side impact plates have been installed, which will provide superior protection for passengers in the event of a collision.

The BOLT buses are all fully accessible, with a superior ramp system that has a 1:6 ratio, compared to the 1:4 ratio in older models, and the low-floor bus has a kneeled step height of 10.6 inches. These features will ensure ease of access, and provide safe, convenient transit travel for all passengers.

Bike racks will be installed on the front of our buses and can accommodate 2 bikes at any time throughout the year on all routes. Please watch for future detail and instruction on loading and unloading of bikes.


Regional Transit Service

Transit Benefits

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions - transit offers a simple way for you to do your part for the environment

  • Transit has great potential to save you money - reduced parking, fuel, and vehicle maintenance costs

  • Stress free commute/safety - let a professional worry about the driving

  • Your transit pass is a tax deductable - use the bus and grow your tax return

  • Free Wifi access provides opportunity for increased productivity - check your emails and get a jump start on your work from the comfort of the bus

  • Improved mobility for youth, post secondary students, seniors, and low income residents - increased options for getting to school, shopping, and work.

Centennial Park Update

CENTENNIAL POND LOWERING - NOTICE: The Town is lowering the water level at Centennial Pond temporarily to allow the stumps to be removed. Please use CAUTION around construction crews in the area during month of September.

Starting September 19, 2013, Crews will be working in Centennial Pond this week and next week removing stumps and deadfall along the north side of the pond. Residents using the pond must obey signage and watch for heavy equipment in the area. We appreciate the patience of residents and visitors during the Centennial Park/Pond upgrades.

The new playground equipment on the northeast end of the park has been installed and work is ongoing.

The developer has installed the majority of the large storm water lift station and forcemain along the east side of the pond to control water levels and will be fixing the surface work and installing the underground pumps at the end of the month.

Cutting down and removing the visible portion of the cattails in the wet areas including the cattails in the pond, around the pond and on the west side opposite the pathway is 90 percent completed, the contractor will come back in September to finish around the edges of the pond. The west portion of the low lying wet area (west of the pathway) has been clean up and is being dried out to ensure no cattails will grow in the future, topsoil to be placed in September.

The Town has been lowering the pond and the contractor was scheduled to be removing the deadfall trees and stumps this week along the north section of the pond, but due to birds nesting in the area this work has been re-scheduled to September 9th based on the Biologist's report and the migratory bird act.

A portion of the existing asphalt path from the bridge on the south side to the east will be replaced and the landscaping features will be constructed at this time as well. These features include new grass, trees, shrubs, bat and small bird areas and defined nesting areas.


A public information session was held on March 6th, 2013, where information was presented with a focus on the rehabilitation and enhancement work happening this year at the park, as well as potential future development in the park. CLICK HERE to view the information that was presented and view maps of the area.

For more information, please contact the Town at 403-885-4677.


Centennial Park Outdoor Skating

Town of Blackfalds Centennial Park Outdoor Skating

Blackfalds Civic/Cultural Centre

Town of Blackfalds Civic/Cultural Centre

5018 Waghorn Street

Riser Pond Outdoor Skating

Town of Blackfalds Riser Pond Outdoor Skating

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